Hi, I'm Steve@Glendev.com and these are a few of the projects I've done.

Web Development Projects

Login 1 This is a login app

CRUD This is a list to database

Form validator This is a form validator

Tag cloud This is a tag cloud

Login 2 OOP This login is built with OOP

Brief notes on the Projects

These were built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. The work was organized by the MVC design pattern and object-oriented programming. Please see descriptions below as well as the source code at GitHub.

Project descriptions


Functions: login, change password, reset password, register member, set permissions. Built on MVC design pattern.


This is a table of records where you can add, edit, or delete a record. Page selector included to organize longer lists.

Form validator

Client-side validation with JavaScript and jQuery. Server-side validation with PHP.

Tag cloud

This was coded in PHP. The size of the tag in the cloud is based on the count of that tag in a page.

Login 2

UI same as Login 1. Organized by object-oriented programming and structured on MVC design pattern.


Trained on full stack web development with emphasis on building applications. My strength is on the back-end and business logic. PHP and MySQL get the bulk of my time though front-end work in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript completes the circle. I strive to be well-rounded.

I have prior background as business analyst in software development under the title, Product Owner. Fifteen years in cable-telecom-satellite with considerable time spent at every stage of the software development life cycle from QA, App support, Software Trainer, Documentation, Business Analyst, to Developer. MS Access power user.